Car Insurance

We have all these solutions that will turn your car usage into a pleasure.

Optional Coverages

Fire, Fire from acts of terrorism, Total Robbery, Partial Robbery, Self-made Damages, Glass Breaking, Personal Driver Accident, Damages from Natural Disasters, Terrorism and Malicious Damage, Civil Liability during an Accident.

House Insurance

Iason Home Security and Iason Home Security Plus


Make your travels a pleasure. Apart from the mandatory coverage we also offer Physical Damage, Material Damage towards third parties and passengers from collision, Shipwreck or other cause and Provocation of Marine Pollution, we can cover any loss or damage caused by Fire, Piracy, Earthquake, Explosion, Lightning, Boat or Equipment Robbery, Malicious Acts, Skiers Responsibility against third parties.

Personal Accident

1000 solutions to confront random events. Covered Death by accident, permanent total disability due to accident, permanent partial disability by accident.

Travel Insurance

So that you never stay without insurance and money.

Hospital Care

Plans for all ages adjusted to your financial capabilities.

Family Liability & Professional Liability

For all premises and professionals. Businesses, schools, gyms, clinics, hotels, public constructions, buildings constructions.



We allow the businessman to secure his lifetime earnings and to enjoy all those privileges which our business protection provide against any risk.
Because we know how to run a business.

Product Liability

Because now you risk paying a defective product, expensively.


We ensure the complete protection freight transportation and your responsibility at home and abroad for all kinds of transportation: Air, Sea & Land.